Rogers Hall

Reengineering Rogers

“When we realized we were going to have a film that chronicles the remarkable journey of Sam Schmidt; a paralyzed race car driver” said film curator Jill Brooke, “but the hall we were planning for the screening was not wheelchair accessible…well, we knew we had to tackle that!”

Fortunately, John Russ, caretaker at Rogers Hall, was amenable to a solution. Jackie Brennan made some calls and found Major Medical Supply in Longmont could supply a ramp for the duration of the film festival.

Now the venue can accommodate the audience that might most benefit and be inspired by Reengineering Sam — those who are are mobility-impaired! This film by local filmmaker, Brian Malone, won the True Grit award at the Denver Film Festival in 2016 and is a perfect fit for the Lyons International Film Festival, June 9-11. The theme this year is trailblazers!

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