Colorado Film Festivals

This is not simply a trip to the movie theater that excludes the world; this is the chance to embrace the world! Come get to know your community. Do something new that can spark discussion and inspire reflection. It is, after all, a Festival! There’s more to our festival than simply films! Events at our Festivals celebrate the entire process of filmmaking; from the exchange of ideas with other determined filmmakers, engaging in the craft of filmmaking and giving recognition to the unique visions of other artists thru the awards. Join us in celebrating that hard-fought journey to create a film. Don’t miss out on all of the action! Bring your friends your family, and immerse yourself in the music, the art–the fun! There will be live music, lively discussions with filmmakers and artists, and crafts for the kids! It will be a great opportunity to make new friends.

Feb 23, 2019 Longmont, CO

The 6th annual Front Range Film Festival features Colorado Craft Cinema with a unique focus this year on New Media centered around the tech industry giants in Boulder County. We also feature our home-grown visionary talent in Colorado as much as possible.

April 6, 2019 Lyons, CO

In it’s 5th year, Lyons International Film Festival is all about the Trailblazer. Pioneers in all areas of craft as well as masters in the fields of athletics like climbing, biking, outdoor adventures...these are the films appealing to the rugged individuals in this mountain town.

September 28, 2019 Boulder, CO

This is the inaugural year for the Boulder Film & Brew Festival, highlighting not just the craft of brewing, distilling and the food arts but also artistic crafts. Hosted by local breweries, this is a festival where drinking beer and learning a craft make for an enlightening, family-friendly experience.

October 19, 2019 Longmont, CO

In its 3rd year, the Dickens Horror Film Festival is hosted in the haunted, historic Dickens Opera House. Films that are creepy, campy, spine-tingling and suspenseful paired with straight-up horror films as well workshops illustrating the many processes of special effects in the genre entertain you.

November 17-18, 2018 Nederland, CO

The 2nd year of the Nederland Film Festival features off-kilter, out-of-the-ordinary, and wildly inventive films along with a focus on music film that draws from Nederland’s rich history centered around the Caribou Ranch where all the greatest acts of music produced records.

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