Boulder Film & Brew will feature films about craft (food, wine, beer and the arts) and comedy. We'll pair films, talks and hands-on activities with beer!
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Sept 28

Boulder Film & Brew Festival

Boulder Film & Brew will feature creative beautiful independent films featuring comedy, animation and of course, BEER! You don’t want to miss the fun we’re going to have!

The 2nd Annual Boulder Film & Brew Festival, highlights not just the craft of brewing, distilling and the food arts but also comedy and adventure. This is a festival where drinking beer, eating and laughing make for a fun and engaging experience.

Breweries are the new living rooms of Colorado and a beer tastes better when you’re enjoying a film with friends and learning how to create something new. Film and beer. Laughing with friends and beer. Workshops with beer. Learning stuff. Yep, your mom will be proud of you!

2018 Festival Schedule

All Day Pass – $45

Film Block 1

11am – $15

All the world is a stage
The Station
The Wild Desk
Featuring: Poured in Pennsylvania

Food & Beer Pairing

1pm – Element Bistro

Film Block 2

2pm – $15

Girl Meets Germs
An American Wizard
The Last Party
A Woman’s Right to Shoes
Midnight Confession
The Last Drop (To Advertise the Dickens Festival)
Featuring: Ardent Spirits

Home Brew Demo

4pm – Brewmented

Film Block 3

 5pm – $15

Give and Take
Danger Dank
Cold Storage
Featuring: Once Is Enough

Rooftop Comedy Show

7pm – Bub Comedy

Film Block 4

9pm – $20

Pink Velvet Valley
Cancel the F–ing internet
Featuring: Quaff Kings

Quaffing Demo on Rooftop

10pm – Team Quaffstafari

Boulder Film & Brew Sponsors

Festival Producer: Peter Garland

Peter has combined his background of painting, drawing and traditional animation with computers since the first Mac came out. His love of the craft of visual arts as well as the performance of a finished piece in front of an audience led him to a degree in Educational Media from UMass Amherst and has focused his interest in visual effects and CGI work.

For over 25 years Peter has enjoyed working as a visual effects artist and filmmaker, as well as creating promotional materials and websites for many businesses and organizations. He has worked on shorts and videos, handling everything from directing, lighting, editing, visual effects, compositing, and foley work.

This year Peter has the opportunity to help other filmmakers in their quest to get their films seen as the Producer of the first annual Boulder Film and Brew Festival! He will, in essence, be hosting a big party – film, fun, brew and – You!

You should be a part of this historic first festival – get your tickets and come on down!!

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