Boulder Film & Brew will feature films about craft (food, wine, beer and the arts) and comedy. We'll pair films, talks and hands-on activities with beer!
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September 15

Boulder Film & Brew Festival

Welcome to the First Boulder Film and Brew Festival that celebrates the craft of comedy film, good brew and the many emerging industries in Colorado and around the country. This year’s inaugural event will have incredible films to screen and hands on engaging experiences such as food and beer pairing for those foodies out there, and how to home-brew your own craft beers. Lets learn what the pioneers of our industries in Colorado and around the country have dealt with from the challenges to the successes and celebrate it the screen. And to add to the fun we thought films that make you smile while enjoying a Colorado beer would be a great way to introduce this festival. When all else fails, laugh and watch a good film.

Festival Schedule

Block 1

Films with Food

Beer Pairing Workshop

Block 2


Brew Your own Beer Workshop

Block 3

 Films with Quaffing

 Live Music

Boulder Film & Brew Sponsors

Festival Producer: Peter Garland

Peter has combined his background of painting, drawing and traditional animation with computers since the first Mac came out. His love of the craft of visual arts as well as the performance of a finished piece in front of an audience led him to a degree in Educational Media from UMass Amherst and has focused his interest in visual effects and CGI work.

For over 25 years Peter has enjoyed working as a visual effects artist and filmmaker, as well as creating promotional materials and websites for many businesses and organizations. He has worked on shorts and videos, handling everything from directing, lighting, editing, visual effects, compositing, and foley work.

This year Peter has the opportunity to help other filmmakers in their quest to get their films seen as the Producer of the first annual Boulder Film and Brew Festival! He will, in essence, be hosting a big party – film, fun, brew and – You!

You should be a part of this historic first festival – get your tickets and come on down!!

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