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Attention Filmmakers … Customers can access your films any time. Direct to fan distribution is what CFP Streaming Films is all about. Another opportunity to share in the fruits of your film making with our CFP audience and yours. We can further provide a platform and share in the effort to provide online distribution and exposure for your films. Watch now!

Featured Filmmaker: Craig Stevens, Blue9 Productions

Craig Stevens (Videographer, Photographer & Director) is a multi-disciplinary media producer based in Longmont, Colorado. After completing his M.F.A. in Cinema Studies from the Ohio University School of Film, Craig moved to Iceland, where he did freelance television work for a few years, eventually moving back to the United States, landing in Colorado in the early 90’s. This was a period when Digital Video really took off, eventually leading to Digital SLRs becoming viable, affordable video cameras. Fully embracing this development, Craig, under the guise of Blue 9 Productions, has been focused on making short, meditative films about his immediate surroundings in and around Longmont, as well as on his travels through North East Colorado and beyond. For the past year Craig has volunteered with WTF Colorado (Win The Fourth Colorado Congressional District) as their social media producer, documenting political events all over the Eastern Plains of Colorado, work that will ensure CD4 turns BLUE in 2018. To find out more please visit:

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