Dickens Horror is for our scary films, thrillers and maybe even a sci-fi.
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October 20

Dickens Horror Film Festival

The perfect setting for a Horror Film Fest…a haunted Opera House! Join us for Paranormal explorations, films that will give you the shivers and some scary friends to join you in the screaming good time! This is not a Gore Fest. We have a mix of thrillers, chillers and slasher films that will make you jump…and laugh.

Festival Schedule

Film Block 1: (11am - 1pm) Horror Comedy and Campy

11:00: Emcee opens DHFF 2018
11:10: Knights of the Dead
11:45: Ghost Hunterz with a “z”
12:06: The Not So Bright Vampire
12:10: 1-800-GHOSTBEGONE
12:24: Experiment TC-9585
12:34: In the Deep
12:50: END BLOCK

Workshop: (1pm - 2pm) Kevon Ward

SFX and Makeup demo and talk

Film Block 2: (2pm - 3:30pm) Paranormal

2:00: Spirits of the Opera: The Lockdown (40min) [Spirit Trackers film]
2:40: Spirit Trackers Team Q&A
2:50: Sightless
2:56: Truth or Dare?
3:14: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Theatre

Presenter 1: (3:30pm - 4pm) Bryan Bonner

Cheesman Park: Haunted history and film

Special Block 1: (4pm - 5pm)

Music, Mingle, Cocktail and Costume Party

Presenter 2: (5pm - 6pm) José Gonzales

“Fantasmas de Mexico” (Phantoms of Mexico)

Film Block 3: (6pm - 8:30pm) Monster and Zombie

6:00: Lost In Apocalypse
7:30: The Dark Hunger
7:52: She Came from the Woods
8:05: Rebeccah’s Statement

Special Block 2: (8:30pm - 9pm) Robert Rais

Actor in 2008 feature film, Day of the Dead

Film Block 4: (9pm - 11pm) Psychological and Thriller

9:00: Blame it on Toby
9:48: Black Forest
9:58: Songbird
10:15: Justice Served
10:28: Dead Run
10:37: A Beautiful Place
10:43: Silverline Valentine
10:58: END BLOCK

Dickens Horror Film Festival Sponsors

Festival Producer: Daniel & Dillon

Bio coming soon…


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